Tokenview Blockchain APIs that integrate inhardhat api,opensea api, uniswap api that provide crypto nodes, polygon rpc, cronos nodes, celo nodes, avalanche rpc, optimism nodes, ropsten nfaucet, rinkeby faucet.

Tokenview Blockchain API and Node service compare to Infura, Moralis, Alchemy that enables to access ganache chain id, link metamask, to get opensea data, login ipfs, test ropsten network and so on.

Blockchain APIs
and Data Service Platform
Support 120+ Chains
A unified framework to interact with over 120+ blockchains.
Easy to Use
Easily get balance, transaction, gas, token, NFT, and any data.
Low Cost
Free trail, or start to use from $49.
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Scenarios & Use Cases
One-click confguration with APIKey helps developers to Use, to Create, to Build.
Get All On-Chain Data for your Wallet!
"Easily and Quickly to Create Blockchain Wallet", one click to get wallet transaction data. One single API to get all the historical transaction, token, balance, token transaction of an address. It is available for plug-in wallets, wallet Apps and hardware wallets.
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Why Tokenview
Trusted by 200,000+ web3 Developers
Data Diversity
HTTP RESTful API in JSON, Raw CSV, Raw Block, Webhook, Customization
High Availability
Heterogeneous and redundant systems to get 100x faster request response times
High Stability
Huge node cluster has high scalability, consistency and stability
Real-time Capability
Quickly fetch metrics across multi-chain and response in-time
Data Accuracy
Deliver accurate and consistent data that enables scalability from multiple nodes
Web3 made Easy.
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