What is a blockchain API?


API: Application Program Interface, is defined as a collection of definitions, programs, and protocols. The communication between computer software is realized through API interface.The API acts as a software intermediary, providing data sharing between various platforms.In general, different applications do different things, but the API can be used to call functionality from the A application to the B application.In our daily lives, when we use apps such as taxi apps, online ticket purchases, checking the weather, or checking exchange rates and transaction data, we are actually using APIs.The API sends the request to the server where the data is stored, and then returns the call data information to your phone.Programmers can develop applications by calling API functions, which can relieve programming tasks.

2 Blockchain API

Blockchain API is an application programming interface built using blockchain technology.It allows information to come from the same information source, thereby connecting multiple applications and enabling data sharing.Nowadays, in the cryptocurrency field, in addition to using the blockchain API interface to pay attention to the basic information and transaction data of digital currencies such as BTC/ETH and NFT, the blockchain API is also widely used in the development of decentralized application Dapp.

3 Blockchain API Application

There are many blockchain API options. Different public chains will correspond to their different data apis, such as Bitcoin API, Ethereum API, cross-chain asset transfer API, etc.In addition, decentralized applications built with blockchain API as the data core are gradually becoming the infrastructure of Web3.

Blockchain API use cases are extensive, covering gaming, finance, social media, and more. Including the construction of decentralized exchanges, DeFi lending platforms, crypto wallets, NFT platforms, decentralized music streaming platforms, metaverse platforms/games and other applications.The Tokenview API is a good choice for ordinary users and Web/NFT developers to save time by freeing them from massive databases.

As a full-currency blockchain explorer, Tokenview.io covers 120+ currency information, block data, transaction history, Whale tracking, rich list ranking, smart contract, address monitoring and other multi-dimensional types of data.In addition, Tokenview NFT API, a new and independent data service based on the Tokenview API, provides the core foundation of web3 data.

It provides an easy-to-use NFT API that allows application developers to build rich user experiences with little effort.

See the Tokenview API documentation for morehttps://services.tokenview.io

See the Tokenview NFT API documentation for more:https://services.tokenview.io/cn/product/nft

https://services.tokenview.io/en/product/nft4 Blockchain API Provider

In the cryptocurrency space, API data services are critical.On the one hand, blockchain API provides transaction privacy and security; On the other hand, it is simple and easy to use, saving operation and maintenance cost and time cost. As the application scenarios of blockchain become more and more extensive, there are more and more blockchain API service providers.

Take Tokenview API as an example. Tokenview API is a data API interface service that supports multi-chain and high performance. It solves the technical problems faced by many brands and enterprises when they enter the Web3.0 market.Help developers more efficient, fast, stable access to data, blockchain platform construction. The main problems that can be solved are:

It provides blockchain data API service and node building service

It can eliminate the costs of self-built

Nodes, synchronous blocks, space occupation, operation and maintenance

Parse the raw blockchain data directly from the node and parse it into a user-readable format

Developers can have multi-chain access without relying on native apis

Provides on-chain transaction data, market data, statistics, NFTMetadata data, and more

About Tokenview Blockchain APIs & Data Service Platform:

Tokenview blockchain APIs & data service platform contained 120+ blockchains has powerful endpoints that simplify complex blockchain data into single API calls. Code for all supported blockchains using unified API calls. From here to easily get transaction, address, gas, contract, token, NFT, logs and any information from chain. And Yes you can also send tx to chain. One-click configuration with APIKey helps developers to Use, to Create, to Build.