How to develop an Arbiscan with Tokenview Blockchain API

What is Arbiscan

Arbiscan is a blockchain explorer specifically designed for the Arbitrum One network. It allows users to explore and track transactions, addresses, and other activities on the Arbitrum One network. Users can use Arbiscan to view transaction details, monitor contract interactions, check token balances, and analyze network statistics. It provides a user-friendly interface to interact with the Arbitrum One network and get real-time updates on network activities. Tokenview blockchain API can enables users to develop an Arbiscan quickly.

What is Tokenview Blockchain

As the blockchain infrastructure builder and leader, Tokenview blokchain API platform is committed to providing fast, stable, scalable and secure crypto infrastructure services for Web3.

how to use tokenview blockchain api to developing web3

How to Develope an Arbiscan with Tokenview Blockchain API

1. Account Registration

You can register by email, and activate the account by typing in the received verification code in the email box. The system supports password recovery and resetting.

Tokenview Blockchain API

2. Free APIKey

You will get a new created project, it means your account is registered successfully. A project contains a project id and a APIKEY, each APIkey has 3-day free trial. API Key is the KEY used to request APIs and the full node services. With API Key, you can get 300 requests per minute.

Tokenview Blockchain API

3. What a Tokenview Blockchain API can do?

You can easily send requests with API Key and get result successfully. Tokenview also provide the Blockchain API Doc.

Tokenview Blockchain API

4. Develop the Dex Screener with Data API

Users can easily get all the onchain data with Tokenview blockchain API. Tokenview Blockchain APIs provides on-chain data for 120+ public chains, BTC, ETH, TRX, Layer2, Cosmos, zk-SNARKs, privacy networks and more. From here you can get the latest transaction data and historical transaction data.

For exsample: I'd like to get the address of Dex exchanger for developing DEX Screener, just use the APIKEY and choose the right API URL.

Tokenview Blockchain API

Tokenview blockchain API will let you quickly to develop an Arbiscan with the real-time data get from the platform.

About Tokenview Blockchain APIs & Data Service Platform:

Tokenview blockchain APIs & data service platform contained 120+ blockchains has powerful endpoints that simplify complex blockchain data into single API calls. Code for all supported blockchains using unified API calls. From here to easily get transaction, address, gas, contract, token, NFT, logs and any information from chain. And Yes you can also send tx to chain. One-click configuration with APIKey helps developers to Use, to Create, to Build.